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Whether you’re looking for a simple vinyl car decal or bespoke full car wrap, our car graphics and wraps offer a high-impact, affordable solution for marketing your business on the go. 

The visual representation and branding of your car can play a crucial role in communicating the quality and dependability of your services to your customers. With the use of a specialised vinyl material, we create graphics ranging  from basic solid colour letters to complex, full-colour printed designs, enhancing your business’s presence on the road.

At Stripes, our team of dedicated experts thoroughly considers every aspect of your car graphics, starting from the initial design and budget to the final outcome. Whether you need a full car wrap, vinyl car graphics, or simple car stripes, we offer a range of services. Explore the list below to learn more about what we provide.

Our Car Graphics Services

Car Wraps Dorset

As your brand or graphic can be seen from all sides, a whole car wrap can be a powerful advertising tool for your business. Vinyl wraps are a great choice for lease cars as they can be removed easily, without leaving any damage to your car.

Choosing a colour change car wrap is a great  method for protecting the original paintwork and can increase the resale value or give a worn-out exterior a fresh look. Although we provide a wide variety of colours, you can let your imagination run wild by working with one of our in-house designers to create a unique and special design. We offer our car wrapping services across Dorset and the rest of the UK.

Stripes for Cars

Car stripes serve as a decorative element that can be incorporated into a car’s exterior to elevate its aesthetic appeal. Stripes fpr cars are available in diverse designs, widths, and colours, and can be applied to distinct sections of the car, including the sides, hood, and rear. Adding stripes to your car is a playful and imaginative method of injecting some character into it, and our team is eager to assist you in creating a design that suits your preferences. So why wait?

Car Decals

Car decals provide a practical advertising solution for corporate cars. They are easy to apply and remove, making them a swift and economical signage choice for promoting your business. Our expert in-house team can design, produce, and affix vinyl lettering and graphics onto various car models and sizes. To learn more, simply contact our team


Also, remember that decals aren’t only for commercial purposes, as they can be utilised for decorative purposes too!

Vinyl Car Graphics

Vinyl car graphics can be used to create a variety of designs, from simple lettering and logos to more complex graphics and images.

Vinyl car graphics can be applied to any part of a car’s exterior, including the bonnet, doors, rear, and windows. They can be used to create a custom look for a personal vehicle or to promote a business on a commercial vehicle.

Car Graphics
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Car Graphics Dorset

To help you visualise the final outcome of your car graphics, our designers will share with  you a representation of the design on a vehicle outline template. After that, you can request changes as you wish until the design meets your standards.

It’s possible that all you need is to generate and use a design you already have. We’ll be pleased to assist you in creating internal documents using our printing  equipment.

Get in touch with our experts if you’re thinking of branding your car or are thinking of adding some go-faster stripes. We’ll be pleased to offer you advice on vinyl car wraps and car graphics in Dorset and surrounding areas.

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Car Graphics

What are car graphics?

Car graphics are designs, decals, or vinyl stickers that are applied to a car’s body or windows to add decoration, branding, or promotional messages.

How are car graphics applied?

Vinyl wrapping is a method for putting car graphics that involves cleaning the surface of the car, measuring and cutting the vinyl to size, and then applying it to the surface with care by using specialised tools.

Can car graphics be removed?

Yes, car graphics can be removed without damaging the car’s paint or finish.

Can car graphics be customised?

Yes, car graphics can be fully customised to meet individual preferences or branding needs.

What are car graphics used for?

If installed properly, vehicle graphics should not damage the vehicle’s paint. Vehicle graphics can even protect the paint from scratches, chips, and UV rays.

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